The story is too good to be made up: Two years ago, the frontman of Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project started working as a ghost on ghost trains travelling from funfair to funfair, all over Switzerland. Maybe it is a vocation, or maybe only fun that pushes him to scare people that unsuspectingly pass through the darkness. The shadows of darkness reveal the most honest side of every human being. Therefore, Gion could be blamed for one or two break-ups that happened inside the ghost train! However, where shadows can be found, light is never far away. In fact, he has also been responsible for Cupid's arrow that found its target in the dark corridors of the ride.

Gion Stump has compiled a collection of new songs to entice the listener into a world of light and darkness, both acoustically and visually. The band’s on-stage presence allows for a scintillating show bringing the new works of ‘Holy Darkness’ to an extra dimension, revealing the holiness and secrets of darkness.

In the tenth year of their history, ‘Seven Seas’ heralds the third studio album. Together with producer Orlando Ribar, cello player Dave Eggar (Coldplay, Amy Winehouse), mix engineer Peter Schmidt at Ballsaal Studios Berlin (Faber, Depeche Mode) and master engineer Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound New York (Grammy-winner with Adele, Taylor Swift), Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project assembled a top crew that refined the sound for the big stage.

Gion Stump (Vocals, Guitar)
Orlando De Toffol (E-Guitar)
Claudio Weder (Piano, Synthesizer)
Reto Stump (Drums)
Samuel Näf (E-Bass, Violin)